The Moon & Mars project was born from the idea of a tireless dreamer to create a community of people united by the same ideals.
Honesty, respect for nature and animal friends, activism, altruism, resilience, equality, solidarity, sense of humor, kindness, generosity, understanding, sympathy, desire to joke and smile; all seasoned with a pinch of madness.
Those who wear Moon & Mars communicate all this to the universe with a
trendy, green, sporty and responsible clothing concept .

Do you know that empathy and that sense of belonging and equality that is created at the stadium when you follow your favorite team? Maybe you don't know anyone but everyone around you is wearing a shirt similar or similar to yours ... suffer with them, rejoice with them, cry with them and talk to everyone as if you've known each other for years!
The idea of Moon & Mars is precisely this: to become the symbol of a new generation that recognizes itself in its ideals.
I like to think that a person wearing Moon & Mars just needs a smile towards whoever wears Moon & Mars to recreate the great magic that occurs between fans of the same team and I like to think that then these people meet, fall in love and that friendships and revolutionary projects are born !
I like to think that Moon & Mars becomes the medium of all this.


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