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If you need to return or exchange your order for any reason, we are here to help!

We offer free exchanges or returns within 14 days of receiving the order. You can return the product in exchange for a different product or a direct refund with the original payment method.

We ask you to take note of the following exceptions to our return and exchange policy:

-Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged

- Returned items must still have the label

-Returned items must not show visible signs of wear or use.


1) Tell us your willingness to change or return the goods in these ways:
- by writing to: with the subject of the email: C / Att uff. Exchanges & Returns
- by sending a message via whatsapp to the number: +39 3463237276
- by sending a message via the form found at the bottom of the home page or by clicking HERE

We will respond as soon as possible by communicating the return authorization number.

Once in possession of this number you can access the portal for the collection of our trusted courier BRT express courier by clicking HERE

To enter the data for the collection of the goods, fill in the withdrawal form with the data requested in this way:
a) enter all your data as required by the grid to be filled
b) be sure to flag the word "RECIPIENT" under the wording "indicate who will pay the transport costs" and press "next" * PHOTO *
c) At this point, the form you started to fill in will lengthen and you will have to indicate the other info required such as number of packages, weight and address of the recipient who must be:
The Platypus Fashion Studio
Retainer BRT RE
42123 Reggio Emilia RE
d) At the end click on: I accept and confirm order. *PHOTO*
Then a screen will open in which you will be shown your collection number; please write it down in case of communication with the courier.

If the connection does not work, please follow the instructions below:
a) enter the website
b) Click on the red box
At this point the pick-up insertion screen will open and you can act as per the instructions I have just given you.
IMPORTANT: inside the box that you will receive with your purchase there will be 2 partially pre-filled paper return forms * Attach *.
You will have to complete the compilation of the 2 forms with your data (name, surname, address) and the return number that has been assigned to you with the email communication. Do not put them in the neck because one will keep it, taking care to have it signed by the driver at the time of collection and the other will deliver it to the driver together with the neck.

Try to reuse the packaging with which the goods arrived, taking care to tear or cover the old parcel markers (barcode).
With a marker draw a line on the writing already present on the cardboard "sender" and "recipient" and invert them by writing respectively "recipient" and "sender", in this way: * photo *
If you use a different packaging, write your full address and the recipient's address above it.
When the BRT hauler shows up for the pick up, give him the package and a return form.
The other form returned remains to you, take care to have it signed by the haulier as proof of taking charge of the goods. Keep in mind that in the event of disputes with the carrier, the only official document that will be asked for as proof of shipment will be the form signed by the haulier.


Working thousands of packages every night it may happen that your package is less fortunate than others and that the BRT courier shows up with a unconditional package.
Don't worry, you can decide to do two things:
1 Reject the goods and tell us the problem on , we will then take care of interfacing with the carrier.
2 Accept the goods with SPECIFIC RESERVE. Pay close attention if you decide to collect the goods as the reserves are not all the same: to be accepted as evidence by the carrier, the reserve must specify the reason why you decide to withdraw with reserve.
I'll give you some examples because it's much easier.


These reservations ARE OK :
Withdrawal with reservation, neck with laundry
Withdrawal with reserve, neck open on one side
Withdrawal with reserve neck wet and crushed

These reservations are NOT good:
Withdrawal with reservation
Withdrawal with reservation


Thanks for the attention

The Moon & Mars staff