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The raw material purchased by Moon & Mars is created in an eco-sustainable and low environmental impact way at certified companies where minimum wages are guaranteed where working hours and conditions are respected.
The packaging used is 100% compostable, adhesives and scotch tape are ecological too.

Low environmental impact products

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with each item purchased we will make a donation from

  • 10% on t-shirts and vests

  • 8% on sweatshirts

to the ageop association

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Ageop Researches since 1982 welcomes and assists children with cancer and their families and finances Scientific Research in the fight against childhood cancer.

Ageop Research means:
Reception . Every year we offer free reception in our 3 homes to over 100 children and families. We provide each of them with free accommodation, food, toys, daily transport to and from the hospital, grocery shopping and medicines.
Parents accompanied day after day with constant specialist, economic, psychological and human support.
Provision of contracts for research . We support scientific research by integrating public health services. In agreement with the hospital, we issue contracts to 4 doctors and 6 biologist researchers and contribute to the purchase of scientific machinery.
Organization of art therapy projects , mediation, rehabilitation therapy trips and creative workshops for young patients and their families. We train qualified volunteers who stand by their side with passion and competence.
Psycho-oncology . We issue contracts to 3 psychologists to support children and families during the difficult cancer experience.

He exists. He calls himself Galaxy Rider and has never revealed his real name to me. We met many years ago, in the period in which I enjoyed being a DJ, a passion that I immediately transmitted to him. He loves the dance, techno and underground music of the 90s. He loves mixing ONLY with vinyls through his inseparable technics 1200 turntables. He has agreed to join me with the Moon & Mars project and to reveal his presence to the world, while remaining fully anonymous. By clicking HERE you can get to know Galaxy Rider: where he comes from, why he is here, his personal data (only those he wants to share) his passions, his thoughts, the vision of the Earthlings from an alien point of view.

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